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Melania Avoids President Trump's Hand Again (Video)

Melania Avoids President Trump's Hand Again (Video) Promo Image

Footage of first lady Melania Trump avoiding President Donald Trump's hand while leaving the White House has surfaced online (video below).

The photos and video were taken on Feb. 5. They show Melania Trump in a large, yellow trench coat. President Trump appears to be reaching for her hand, but it is unclear if she was accepting of her husband's romantic gesture, the Daily Mail reported.

Melania Trump appeared to be hiding her hand underneath her trench coat while the president reached out for it. Several social media users took to Twitter to share photos and videos of other times she had appeared to avoid her husband's hand.

"'Getttttt your cheating a*s hand off me' ~ Melania Trump," tweeted one user.

"Once again, Melania Trump refused to take the hand of [President Trump] ... stormy weather between those two," wrote another.

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President Trump did not take any questions while escorting his wife to the presidential helicopter. He kept his arm around her, and turned to wave at the cameras as she boarded ahead of him.

Speculation about the status of their marriage has been at an all-time high since the bombshell report surfaced that the president's lawyer, Michael Cohen, is said to have paid $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about an alleged affair they had in 2006.

This recent awkward exchange between Melania Trump and the president is just the latest in a string of bizarre denials of public affection.

In May 2016, the first lady appeared to swat President Trump's hand away as they made their way down a red carpet at an airport in Israel. The following day, President Trump reached out for her hand in Rome after emerging from Air Force One. Again she avoided the president's hand, and quickly went to fix her hair.

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On Feb. 2, President Trump and his wife were seen holding hands after leaving Air Force One to visit their Mar-a-Lago resort. The president let go of her hand to clap for people who were there to greet him. When the first lady reached for his hand again, President Trump patted her hand twice, the Daily Mail reports.

Body language expert Patti Wood said that President Trump may be trying to look like an alpha president.

"Typically a hand-hold shows a couple as a unit," Wood told the Daily Mail. "But to me, I think he's been saying, 'I want to be seen as the president on my own,' which is very much alpha. 'I want to be just the powerful me.' And it's clear that that's his choice."

Sources: Daily Mail, Twitter (2) / Featured Image: Air Force District of Washington / Embedded Images: Daily Mail

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