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Food Vendor Charging $30 For Hot Dogs Near Ground Zero (Video)

Ahmed Mohammed reportedly sells hot dogs and other fast food for outrageous prices near Ground Zero in New York City.

His food cart is parked near One World Trade Center, a popular area with tourists, notes Gothamist.

NBC New York recently filmed Mohammed trying to sell a man a hot dog and a pretzel for $15 (video below).

Several other people claim that Mohammed tried to charge $20 to $30 for one hot dog.

Jessica Lappin, of the Alliance for Downtown New York, told NBC New York, "It gives New York a bad name."

"To rip-off somebody, to charge them $35 for a hot dog and a pretzel, that leaves a terrible impression," Lappin added.

Ron Wolfgang, who manages security for Alliance for Downtown New York, says he has witnessed physical altercations over the price gouging.

Several customers also claimed that Mohammed didn't give them the correct change or any change at all.

NBC New York secretly filmed Mohammed charging up to $30 for a hot dog, but when a reporter asked him the price of a hot dog, the number suddenly dropped to $3.

When Mohammed was asked about the price change, he claimed that he couldn't speak English, even though he had been recorded conversing in English earlier.

New York City's Department of Consumer Affairs requires that prices be posted on food carts, but Mohammed's prices aren't posted.

The department is planning to investigate his business practices.

Sources: NBC New York, Gothamist
Image Credit: NBC New York Screenshot


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