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Flower Girl Steals Kiss In Wedding Photo (Photo)

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A flower girl in a Knoxville, Tennessee, wedding stole the spotlight when she kissed the ring bearer during a photo shoot with the wedding party.

The wedding, which took place last Saturday, was photographed by photographer Leah Bullard. Bullard was in the middle of snapping pictures of the bridal party when flower girl Anderson — the bride’s daughter — leaned in to the ring bearer and kissed him at the same time that the bride and groom kissed.

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“I was completely surprised when I saw this happening and I laughed but kept on shooting,” Bullard said. 

The photos quickly went viral after they were shared online.

“As a wedding photographer, my goal is to capture the authenticity of the day," Bullard said. "I try to reduce the amount of 'posed moments' and really focus on capturing the essence of the day. So, when I noticed the flower girl going in for a kiss, I kept clicking the shutter. It's moments like this, the unscripted ones, that make me fall in love with my job over and over again. This family will be able to relive this moment for years to come. I'm happy I was there to capture this for them.”

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Sources: My Fox Atlanta, ABC News

Photo Credit: My Fox Atlanta


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