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Woman Asks For 'Weed' On Twitter -- Gets Response From The Police (Photos)

A Florida woman and her local sheriff’s office are getting some unexpected media attention after the woman sent out a Twitter message asking someone to bring her “weed” and the sheriff’s office responded. 

Twitter user @Rosa_Sparkz sent out the tweet Tuesday afternoon, WPTV News reports. 

“Somebody bring me weed. I'll pay for it,” she wrote to over 1,000 followers.

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A little over an hour later, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, tweeting under the name @PBCountySheriff, responded saying, “Where should we meet you?” 

Included in the tweet was a link back to the woman’s original tweet. 

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Little more is know about the exchange, other than it continues to attract attention. 

As of 9 p.m. Tuesday, the Sheriff’s Office message had been retweeted over 12,000 times, WSVN News reports. By Wednesday morning that number has grown to 30,000.

The @Rosa_Sparkz Twitter profile includes the picture of a woman and a brief bio describing her as a “twenty-something” who lives in Jupiter, a city in Palm Beach County. 

She has responded, through her Twitter account, to the moment in the media spotlight. 

“Yooo people are going back and forth in my mentions,” she tweeted Tuesday night. “Is this what famous people feel like on social media? meanwhile I'm high laughing.”

There were no new tweets from the Sheriff’s Office mentioning the news coverage as of Wednesday morning. 

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At this point it remains unclear if the tweet was a joke from a Sheriff’s Office employee monitoring the department’s Twitter account, or if the message is part of an official program meant to target drug-related messages on social media. 

Sources: WPTV News, WSVN News, Twitter: @Rosa_Sparkz, Twitter: @PBCountySheriff

Photo Credit: Twitter: @PBCountySheriff


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