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Florida Woman Attacks, Fights Cop At DMV (Video)

An unidentified woman recently attacked a Florida Highway Patrol officer at the DMV office in Deerfield Beach, Florida (video below).

Witness Victoria Nascimento posted a video of the incident on Facebook where it has gone viral with over 170,000 views.

After the woman in the video gets into a verbal exchange with a DMV worker, the officer walks over and asks her to leave, and she appears to kick him in the groin, notes KSFM.

The officer and the woman end up rolling around on the floor where she curses at him and repeatedly says, “You cant even fight!”

The woman insists several times that she is not going to jail, but the officer eventually handcuffs her.

PIX 11 contacted the Florida Highway Patrol for a comment, but has not received a reply yet.


Sources: PIX 11KSFM / Photo Credit: Victoria Nascimento/Facebook Screenshot

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