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Florida Woman, 93, Tries To Stop Carjacking (Video)

Florida Woman, 93, Tries To Stop Carjacking (Video) Promo Image

A 93-year-old woman tried to stop a man from carjacking her four-door Chrysler in DeLand, Florida, on July 20, say police (video below).

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Maraquita Steinmetz was leaving church when the incident happened.

According to DeLand Police Chief Jason D. Umberger, the senior had just opened her car door when David Leo Perkins grabbed her car keys and drove off, notes WKMG.

Police said the Steinmetz grabbed the steering wheel in an effort to stop the carjacking, and was dragged about 20 feet before she fell on the ground.

Fortunately, another churchgoer called the police, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Perkins allegedly picked up Darius Matthews in the stolen car.

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Steinmetz was not seriously injured, but was taken to a local hospital.

Umberger stated: "She sustained some minor injuries -- cuts and scrapes and bruises. Thankfully, she wasn’t seriously injured, but she did sustain a couple injuries," reports WKMG.

"It’s disturbing on a lot of levels. ... She’s of course shaken up but she’s a resilient woman," Umberger added, notes the Orlando Sentinel.

A Volusia County Sheriff's deputy saw Steinmetz's car, and engaged the suspects in a 30-second pursuit that ended when the car hit some trees in a resident's backyard, according to WKMG. The suspects reportedly ran from the scene.

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Perkins was arrested by a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy, while a DeLand police officer arrested Matthews.

Umberger issued his appreciation: "I want to commend the Volusia County Sheriff's Office and thank them for their assistance in this incident, and we look forward to continually working in conjunction with Sheriff Chitwood and his deputies as we fight crime in the DeLand area."

According to Umberger, the suspects were not armed and it did not seem as if they had planned the crime: "This was more of a grab-and-go."

"I think, just as citizens of any area, we can’t stop the ill intentions of other people, but we can be as cognizant of our surroundings as we can, and just be aware of our surroundings from just a general safety standpoint," Umberger added.

The police report said Matthews told the cops that he and Perkins had been walking around, and realized it would be easier if they had a car. Matthews reportedly said Perkins wandered away, and came back with the stolen vehicle.

However, Perkins told the cops that Matthews took the car, and then forced Perkins to drive the vehicle, according to the police report; Perkins denied stealing the car.

According to police, Perkins' girlfriend said that Matthews, whom she referred to as "D," has been a bad influence on her beloved.

Perkins and Matthews appeared in court on July 21. A judge slapped Matthews with a $51,000 bond, and ordered Perkins to be imprisoned without bond.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, WKMG / Photo credit: Greg Scales/Flickr, DeLand Police Department via Orlando Sentinel, Velusia County Jail via WFTV

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