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'Shut The F*** Up': Florida Weatherman Curses On Air (Video)

Jim Farrell, a TV weatherman for WINK News in Ft. Myers, Florida, recently dropped the F-bomb during a broadcast (video below).

Farrell was doing a cut in and said: “How many times do I have to tell these people? Shut the f--- up.”

Farrell apologized for his language later in the broadcast and assured viewers that he would not repeat this performance.

TVSpy noted in 2012 that Farrell celebrated his 30th anniversary with the station and told at the time: "When I started in 1982, we used magnetic H’s and L’s (for “highs” and “lows”). Today, we have computer graphics, models and Doppler radar. The on-air presentation and the forecast accuracy have improved greatly.”


Sources:, TVSpy / Photo Credit: WINK News via YouTube Screenshot

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