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Florida Man Receives Harsh Comments, Threats Over Bear Hunt Photo


A Florida man is reportedly receiving hundreds of nasty comments, as well as personal threats, after posting a photo taken from the state's bear hunt on his Facebook page.

Mike Garrido of Valrico, Florida, said his sister sent him a picture of herself posing with a dead bear that she had reportedly killed at the state's bear hunt on Oct. 24.

Garrido, owner of Arriva Business Services in Valrico and also an avid hunter, proudly shared the photo on Facebook.

The response was one he could have never anticipated.

“I posted a picture on [a] Florida Hunters network Facebook page saying I was proud of her and all hell broke loose,” Garrido told WTSP.

After animal activists and critics of the bear hunt spotted the photo on the social media site, they allegedly flooded the Facebook page of Garrido's business with hundreds of hateful comments.

"You’re murdering innocent bears. You can all drop dead,” one post said, according to WTSP.

Facebook comments accused Garrido of shooting the bear, and one person claimed he towed it away in his company's van.

Garrido said the disgruntled activists have been posing as former customers and writing bad reviews of his company, which sells and repairs copiers, printers and fax machines, according to the business's Facebook page.

“One lady said I told her I had an emergency and I was going to kill some bears,” Garrido told WTSP, referring to one of the fraudulent reviews.

Garrido's wife, Mary, told Fox 13 she was concerned the false reviews and comments may be hurting the family-owned company's reputation.

"I am a little concerned, only for new customers we get," she said. "They may go on the page and say, 'Hey, wait a minute. Look at all these horrible comments, they got a 1-out-of-5-stars; we don't want to deal with these people.'"

Even more concerning to the family are the personal threats that Garrido said he had been receiving from the Facebook posters.

"They're talking about taking out one of my family members so I can see how it feels," he told Fox 13.

Garrido said that what his sister did was legal, but the threats against him and his family have really crossed the line.

"Everyone can have their own opinion; we live in America. It's fine with me. You can even protest it," Garrido told Fox 13. "But personally attacking somebody and their business for something they don't agree with, it's crazy."

Law enforcement has said that it will get involved when a serious threat is made against the Florida family.

 Garrido said his sister has also been receiving threats on social media.

The business owner posted on his company's Facebook page on Oct. 27 thanking the supporters who have stood by his family during the ordeal.

"I really appreciate all the support from people posting comments to help discredit some of these fake and slanderous reviews," the post read.

Sources: Fox 13, WTSP, Arriva Business Machines/Facebook / Photo credit: Via WTSP


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