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Man's Racist Facebook Post Gets Him Dismissed From County Board (Photo)

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A Marion County, Florida, volunteer was forced to give up his advisory board seat after uploading a controversial post to Facebook.

“The only time a black guy applied for work, it was because they were on probation and HAD to have a real job,” Marcel Verrando wrote on the Marion County Political Forum Facebook page.

Marion County commissioners immediately removed Verrando from his post on the Industrial Development Authority Board after learning about the Facebook comment.

“We don’t condone it as a commission, we don’t allow our staff to talk that way, and we’re not going to have it,” commission chair Stan McClain told Fox News.

McClain, who noted that Verrando is a volunteer and not a county employee, stated that as long as Verrando doesn’t represent the board, he has a right to free speech. As a member of the advisory board, however, Verrando’s views were deemed unacceptable.

In a talk with Fox News, Verrando said the he isn’t sorry for his comment and insists that he isn’t racist -- a statement he tried to prove by saying that as a former business owner, he has hired people of several races and backgrounds.

This isn’t the first time that Verrando has made an inappropriate comment publicly. Last year, Verrando reportedly said a U.S. military veteran who served as a firefighter and who has post-traumatic stress disorder was not as worthy of recognition as those who fought in combat.

Following that comment, Verrando resigned from the Fire Advisory Board.

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Sources: Florida News Time, WFTV

Photo Credit: Florida News Time 


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