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Florida Man Accidentally Films Himself In Car Crash While Using GoPro (Video)

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Florida man Alex Lopatnyuk accidentally filmed himself during a car accident while driving behind his friends on a dirt road.

In the video, Lopatnyuk can be seen looking at the camera while driving his Jeep. It appears his eyes aren’t even on the road.

Unfortunately for Lopatnyuk, the white pickup with a canoe sticking out of the back stops in front of him. Unaware of the truck, he crashes into the back of the canoe.

The canoe crashes straight through Lopatnyuk’s windscreen.

In images of the aftermath of the crash, the front glass of Lopatnyuk’s can be seen sagging in the frame. The metal bar above the window is also dented.

The canoe appears to be badly dented in photos.

“Gator hunting First time GoPro selfie and FAIL [sic],” Lopatnyuk wrote.

Later, Lopatnyuk wrote a Facebook post explaining that texting and driving, or driving while taking a selfie, is a terrible combination.

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“This is a PSA!” Lopatnyuk wrote.

To date, Lopatnyuk’s video has been viewed more than 130,000 times. 

Sources: DailyMail, Britain Weekly

Photo Credit: YouTube


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