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High School: Approved Prom Dresses Are 'Good Girl' (Photo)

Stanton College Preparatory School in Jacksonville, Florida, recently came under fire for fliers that featured guidelines for prom dresses.

Twitter user Lil Willingham tweeted the school's fliers on March 27 with this caption: "Good thing they told us a week before prom it's not like everyone has their dress already......."

The fliers included pictures of dresses with the words, "Going to Stanton Prom?" The approved dresses were captioned: "Yes you are. Good girl," while the banned dresses were captioned: "No, you're not."

The fliers, which were posted on a school wall by an unidentified staff member, were taken down on March 28, notes The Florida Times-Union.

Several parents and students objected to the fliers, and some fired back on Twitter: "'[G]ood girl' as if we’re some dogs. what a mess," and, "[T]his is absolutely disgusting and insulting to all the intelligent young ladies who attend this school."

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Many students protested at school on March 28, Woman's Day, by wearing purple or white clothing; some youngsters wore feminist symbols or messages.

Jennifer Whipple, a parent of a senior at the school, told The Florida Times-Union: "Why are they drawing attention to what girls can’t wear instead of promoting values such as respecting one another."

Whipple's daughter, Hannah, was worried that her dress, which featured a low back and neckline, might be banned, after she paid $600 for it.

"It has more material in it that most of the girls’ dresses do at school," Hannah stated. "This dress to me felt more beautiful and made me feel more confident."

Hannah said that the fliers and slim models on the fliers caused her to feel badly about herself.

Principal Nongongoma Majova-Seane issued an apology to parents and students, and assured the teens that they would not be banned from the school prom because of what they wore.

The Duval School District tweeted on March 28: "The display of prom dress photos at Stanton College Prep is not appropriate or an approved policy. Images were removed on [Monday]."

Mark Sherwood, a school district spokesman, said that no one would be fired over the fliers, and added: "They’ve been counseled."

Sherwood said the school district did not have an official policy on prom clothing, but would not allow young people to show their private parts.

However, the school district does have a "code of appearance" during school days that bans various types of tops that may be too revealing, and "form-fitting or overly tight clothing … without proper undergarments," notes the newspaper.

The school district also does not allow skirts, pants or shorts to be worn with the waistband below their hips, has banned exposed underwear, and won't allow exposed midriffs or backs.

Sources: The Florida Times-Union, Lil Willingham/Twitter / Photo credit: PixabayLil Willingham/Twitter

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