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Strange Fish With Legs Baffles Fishermen (Video)

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A bizarre-looking fish with legs caught in Thailand had fishermen, and the Internet, baffled by what exactly it was (video below).

A video of the creature shows the fish dangling from the end of a fishing line after being caught in a river. The fishermen seemingly have no idea what the fish is.

Many have speculated the animal is a batfish due to its legs and long tail. Batfish are known to use pelvic fins as hands to walk along the sea bed.

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The video of the fish quickly went viral after it was posted online on Feb. 26.

In a similar incident in Thailand, a fisherman caught a strange-looking "half fish," a fish that lost its tail and a good portion of its body after attempting to jump out of a cement-lined pond.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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