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Look What Crystal Meth Did To This Man's Model Features

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If you've ever considered taking crystal meth, perhaps a look at how the drug has affected one young man will change your mind. 

According to website, crystal meth is an extremely addictive drug that releases dopamine in the brain.  Dopamine is the chemical that causes euphoric sensations and is often released during pleasurable activities such as eating and sex. 

The amount of dopamine released when one takes crystal meth is far beyond anything the brain produces organically.  This leaves the user in a state of extreme euphoria.  Of course, when the drug wears off, depression often sets in, prompting the user to once again get high in an attempt to recreate that initial burst of euphoric pleasure.  Thus, the vicious cycle of addiction begins.

That is precisely what happened to Matthew Medlin, who was first arrested on his 18th birthday back in 2002.  As you can see in the picture below, he had the look of a male model with piercing eyes, chiseled features, and a strong and prominent jawbone.  

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Five years later, Medlin was arrested again. In the second mug shot, Medlin's face is already beginning to show signs of heavy meth use as red pock marks mar his otherwise handsome features. 

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One year later, in 2013, Medlin's looks changed drastically.  He sported vampire-like black face tattoos, and his weight has decreased so significantly that his face looks pale and gaunt.  

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According to Wikipedia, meth has many physical side effects, including loss of appetite, hyperactivity, flushed and dry skin, acne and pale complexion, among many others.  It is easy to see that Medlin already possesses many of these physical traits.  But his transformation is far from over.

He was arrested two more times in 2013, and Medlin's mug shots say more than words ever could: 

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For some unexplained reason, Medlin, appears to have drawn thick black lines across his face.  And speaking of hard to explain, Medlin would later escape prison… just six days before his scheduled release.  

He was caught after just 10 hours on the lam and sent back to jail; he was charged with second-degree escape.  

In 2015, Medlin was arrested again.  By then he had grown long black hair and a goatee.  His face still looks gaunt, and his skin pale.  

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In Medlin's latest mug shot, we can see his further transformation: 

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His eyes are half-open, presumably because Medlin is in a drug-fueled haze.  A rubber bullet wound bloodies his cheek from where police fired at him during his arrest. He had allegedly spent 26 straight hours high on meth.  

So again, if you've ever considered doing crystal meth, you might want to take a look at Medlin's first mug shot, and then at his latest. The photos tell a tragic story of the drug's effect. 

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