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Firefighters Shovel Elderly Man's Driveway After He Suffers From Chest Pain

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Firefighters shoveled an elderly Wisconsin man’s driveway on Sunday, after the man suffered from chest pains as he tried to shovel the snow himself.

Greenfield, Wisconsin, was hit with more than 12 inches of snow on Sunday in one of many snowstorms that recently hit the northwest and the east coast. The elderly man was trying to shovel his driveway when he felt chest pain, and was ultimately transported to a hospital in Milwaukee.

After delivering the man to the hospital, members of the fire department returned to the man’s home to finish the job.

“They responded to a cardiac call,” Greenfield fire chief John Cohn said. “There was some discussion of what to do … They wanted it as one less thing for the family to worry about.”

A neighbor later took pictures of the firefighters and uploaded them to the fire department’s Facebook page. Since Sunday, the post has been liked over 13,000 times.

“It’s a story of people helping people,” Cohn said. “It shines a light on the great work police and fire departments do each day, despite what makes it onto the front pages.”

Cohn added that anyone can make a difference.

The fire department has since started a hashtag: #ShovelItForward.Sources: Uproxx, CBS News / Photo Credit: CBS

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