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Firefighters Rescue Puppy From 75-Foot Well

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Georgia firefighters rescued a puppy from a 75-foot well north of Atlanta after lowering a firefighter in to retrieve the pup.

The yellow Labrador retriever apparently fell into the well on July 5. Jose Santillan, a neighbor of the dog’s owner, noted that he had heard a dog barking and went to check on it.

“A black Labrador was barking and I went outside to find that the yellow Lab had fallen into the well,” Santillan said, reported CBS News.

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Firefighters placed a tripod over the hole and lowered firefighter Brendan O’Brien into it. The firefighter was then raised to the surface with the Lab within minutes, reported Daily Mail.

According to Cherokee County fire spokesman Tim Cavendar, the dog was given oxygen and appeared to be in good condition.

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“I don’t think anyone knows how it got down there for sure, but right now we’re guessing it just fell in,” Cavendar said.

Both the rescued dog and the dog who alerted Santillan are currently in the care of animal control until their owners can be alerted. 

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS News

Photo Credit: Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services via CBS News 


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