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'Finding Dory' Lamp Holds Terrifying Surprise (Photo)

A man who bought a "Finding Dory" lamp for his friend's daughter got a frightening surprise when he turned the lamp on.

"Bought this cute Finding Dory lamp to give to my friend's daughter," the Imgur user wrote in a post showing off the lamp. "Almost gave me a heart attack when I brought it home and turned it on."

The lamp, which when turned off appears to be a harmless image of Dory with big cartoon eyes, takes on a sinister appearance when turned on in the dark, according to the Mirror. The cartoon fish's body glows blue, while its eyes stay eerily black, looking, as one commenter put it, "demonic."

The film, a sequel to the popular children's film "Finding Nemo," was a success with both children and adults, according to The Guardian, which reported that "Finding Dory" has become the most successful animated film of all time in the U.S. box office. So far, it has grossed over $469 million.

Users online quickly took to the comments to discuss the lamp's appearance. One Imgur commenter said, "I think your lamp might be slightly possessed."

"Holy s--- that's terrifying," commented another user.

It wasn't immediately clear where the lamp was purchased, or if the product is officially licensed by Disney and Pixar.

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Source: Mirror, The Guardian, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Imgur via The Huffington Post

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