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Final Work From Murdered Son Ends Up In Dad's Hands 9 Years Later (Video)

A father received the surprise of a lifetime when a bumper that his son was working on as he was murdered nine years ago randomly showed up at his shop in North Carolina.

John Brynarsky has been working on cars for 45 years, and before his son Chris was randomly murdered 9 years ago, he too had a knack for vehicles. Chris was a master custom painter, and he was in the middle of painting a bumper when an irate customer fatally shot him.

“He was shot, he fell over it, and it damaged it,” friend Mark Cosentino told USA Today

In honor of his friend, Cosentino repaired the bumper and put it back on the car, but not before writing a tribute to Chris on the inside.

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“In memory of Christopher Brynarsky October 11th, 2006 11:45 AM," Cosentino said. "I just wanted to immortalize him. That was my way of doing it.”

Nearly nine years later, on Good Friday, the bumper suddenly resurfaced at Charlotte’s Hendrick Luxury Collision Center, and incredibly, the technician who removed it was none other than John, Chris’s father.

“It was, I didn't know what to do,” John Brynarsky, who noted that he still misses his son “everyday,” told USA Today. “I didn’t know what to think.”

“Somehow it came to this shop, somehow we got it and it's just unreal,” Chris' brother Jonathan said. "You can't even write something like that.”

“For it to end up with his Dad getting it, is just mind boggling,” John said. “I can’t believe it.”

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Cosentino and his late friend’s father now have a bond like no other, and for his part in that, he is proud.

“It’s a good feeling to know that I did do that and somebody else did see it, especially the right person,” Cosentino said. “It’s a good day when something like this happens. We don’t get a lot of days like this anymore.”

Sources: Mad World News, USA Today

Photo Source: USA Today


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