Filmmaker Decodes Melania's Twitter Pics (Photos)


Is First Lady Melania Trump a prisoner?

That's what an analysis of her Twitter photos reveals, according to writer and documentary filmmaker Kate Imbach, reports The Inquisitr.

Imbach studied all of Melania Trump's Twitter photographs from 2012 to 2015, and concluded that the first lady is "living inside a dark fairytale."

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A comparison is made to one fairytale in particular. "She is Rapunzel with no prince and no hair, locked in a tower of her own volition, and delighted with the predictability and repetition of her own captivity.”

In an article for the website Medium, Imbach explained why she went to the trouble of examining hundreds of Melania's tweeted photos: "Why won’t the first lady show up for her job? Why? I became obsessed with this question and eventually looked to Melania’s Twitter history for answers. I noticed that in the three-year period between June 3, 2012 and June 11, 2015 she tweeted 470 photos which she appeared to have taken herself. I examined these photographs as though they were a body of work."

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Imbach believes that Melania's Twitter pictures of Barron reveal the real reason why she initially chose to stay in Manhattan instead of moving to the White House:

The public reason that Melania gave for staying in New York [was] that she wanted to let Barron finish his school year. She didn’t want to disrupt his life. This is nonsense, an absurdity that she might have considered before supporting her husband’s run for president.

Melania wants Barron’s world to be bigger than her own. He occupies a totally different, bigger, vaster, compositional space than she does. She also wants to protect him, I think, more than anything. To Melania, protection means hiding.

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In her photos of Barron, Melania obscures his face, in an alleged effort to protect him, Imbach says. She also notes that during those three years, Melania posted only one picture of herself and Barron together. In that photo, she obscured his face, as well, using ski goggles to do the job.  

Barron is the subject of Melania's final Twitter photo included in the study, which was posted only five days before her husband announced his candidacy for president. In that photo, Barron is on the beach, looking down at the ground and waving goodbye to a sand castle in the background.

Imbach says the snapshot symbolizes "a goodbye to her golden towers, to the home destined to crumble. To this day she’s still up there, in the golden Tower, holding onto it for as long as she can."

In conclusion, Imbach summarized what she decoded from Melania's photographic body of work:

She’s hiding. She needs to hide so badly that she doesn’t care about anything else. Not her country, not how bad she looks, not the money it costs us. She has no shame because, for her, hiding is shameless. It is safe.

She lives behind glass, in cars, in her house, on private planes and private resorts. She doesn’t even get out of the car to see landmarks or walk in the park. She is never among the public, not for a second.

Melania Trump is the woman least fit for public service in the entirety of the United States of America. We should expect nothing from her. She’s living inside a dark fairytale, and in fairytales the women trapped in towers never save anyone but themselves.

Sources: The Inquisitr, Medium / Photo credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr, Twitter via Medium

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