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Fighter Derrick Lewis Catches Woman Snorting Substance At Baseball Game (Video)


A woman was caught on video (below) snorting a substance at a Houston Astros baseball game on Oct. 11.

In the video, taken by MMA fighter Derrick Lewis, the woman is seen taking a substance identified by Lewis as cocaine in her hands. As the crowd around her begins to cheer a play, the video shows the woman taking the substance and snorting it.

As the woman finishes her bump of the drug, the camera focuses on Lewis himself — shaking his head in shock.

“Damn shame,” he wrote on the Instagram post. “Lady doing coke at the Astros game.”

The footage was subsequently shared by followers and quickly went viral, garnering thousands of views. Many agreed with Lewis’ disgust at the act, while others shamed him for filming something that was nobody’s business but the woman’s. 

Do you think the woman had the right to take drugs at the game, or was Lewis justified in exposing her publicly? Watch the clip below.

Sources: Mad World News, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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