Feminists Upset Over Kermit The Frog's Skinnier, Younger Girlfriend (Video)


Kermit the Frog, who had a public break-up with Miss Piggy in August, has reportedly been seen with a new lady friend, Denise, who is also a pig. Kermit was caught on video (below) ogling Denise in a promo for the new ABC series, "The Muppets."

People also reports that Kermit and Denise have been seen together.

In response, The Guardian featured a scathing article about Kermit: "Times have changed for the Kermits of the world, but they haven’t changed with it. Miss Piggy has, though — and she’ll be just fine without him."

Several feminists on Twitter are also upset that Denise is younger and slimmer than Miss Piggy, notes The Telegraph:

"Kermit's new girlfriend is hotter and younger than miss piggy. #misogny"

"Interesting, since Miss Piggy became a feminist she and kermit broke up and kermit is dating someone younger"

"Oh, so #MissPiggy becomes a #feminist and suddenly #Kermit gets a new #girlfriend ?! #offense #Muppets #KermitTheFrog #lol #omg #wtf #wow"

"What kind of message are the Muppets sending now that Kermit dating a skinny pig? Jim Henson must be doing somersaults."

"Why does #Kermit's new girlfriend have a face like a Bratz doll, skinny legs, and no style?? Jim Henson would be turning in his grave"

"#Kermit just seems like Woody Allen now; A neurotic, skinny frog taking advantage of naive piglets. #TeamPiggy"

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