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Ivanka Trump Supporters Close Nordstrom Accounts (Video)

Some female supporters of President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump filmed themselves closing their Nordstrom accounts because the department chain dropped Ivanka's products (video below).

Facebook user Laurie Ray posted the video on Feb. 15 along with the caption: "Dumped #Nordstrom today for Dumping Ivanka! This is how it went down... #byenordstrom #buyivanka."

"No money for Nordstrom," says one of the women in the video while waving cash. "Because they caved. No money for Nordstrom."

"We're deciding that we will shop where Ivanka shops," a second woman adds.

The women then go to a customer service counter to close their accounts. One of them says, "Going to Dillards."

"Headed to Dillards to buy all kinds of stuff," another woman adds.

She goes on to say that she is a former Nordstrom employee, and that her nine children and eight grandchildren are joining the boycott.

Ray later posted that she and her friends, who made the video and posted it to the most popular social media site in the world, "weren’t looking for attention," The Arizona Republic reports.

Ray also responded to criticism from other Facebook users: "If you think we could spend our time in better ways, we agree! We do a lot of service in our community, sadly you are judging us on a 59 second video. [One] minute does not an entire life make."

While Nordstrom and Burlington dropped Ivanka's products, the Ivanka Trump perfume hit number one on Amazon for women’s fragrances, Racked reports.

The fashion news site said the #GrabYourWallet campaign urges people not to buy Trump brands and to boycott stores carrying Trump products, while Trump supporters are counter-boycotting and trying to buy as many Trump products as they can.

Sources: The Arizona Republic, Laurie Ray/Facebook, Racked / Photo Credit: Jon/Wikimedia Commons

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