Felon Sings Adele-Style Apology Song To Judge (Video)

Brian Earl Taylor, a convicted felon, sang an apology song to a judge in court on March 10 in Washtenaw County, Michigan (video below).

Taylor crooned a song to Judge Darlene O'Brien that sounded similar to "Hello" by Adele, notes MLive.com:

"Hello there, your honor/ I want to say I'm sorry for the things I've done and I'll try and be stronger in this life I chose/ But I want you to know, that door, I closed/ And your honor I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry/ To my mother, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry/ To the victim, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry/ Yes, you honor, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry."

O'Brien told ABC News an attorney for Taylor asked if his defendant could sing the song, she looked at his lyrics, and gave him permission.

"I love Adele's music," O'Brien added.

"That was all his idea," Public Defender Stephen Adams added. "It was the way he could most comfortably tell her how he felt."

Taylor was being sentenced to prison for unlawful imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon.

O'Brien called Taylor an "obviously a talented young man" in court, and advised him to take part in programs while he is prison.

Taylor was arrested while holding a gun on another man on Nov. 9, 2015. Police believed he intended to rob the man. Taylor had multiple felony warrants for his arrest and was on parole at the time.

Taylor told O'Brien he wants to get a business management degree, start attending church, not use marijuana, be a role model for his sibling and care for his mother.

Taylor asked for a 36-month sentence, but O'Brien told him the minimum for his crimes was 50 to 100 months.

Taylor got two years for illegally carrying a concealed weapon, along with 18 months to 15 years for unlawful imprisonment. He will also have to serve time for violating parole, but it's not clear how long that will be.

Sources: MLive.com, ABC News / Photo credit: MLive.com/YouTube

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