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Watch: Dad Makes Son Destroy XBox Consoles For Bad Grades (Video)

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A father forced his son to destroy one of his Xbox video game consoles with a sledgehammer because he failed school.

Video of the incident (shown below), taken by the father and posted below, showed the father instructing his son to smash the console in the front yard of their home.

“It’s not my fault,” the son, named Jason, says of his failing grades in the video.

“Let’s go,” the father replies. “Now!”

“I hate my life,” Jason says as he walks hesitantly towards the game system. After smashing the console, Jason’s father instructs him to do the same thing to a second video game console sitting nearby. Jason then walks to the console and throws the sledgehammer to the ground.

“Let’s go!” his father says. “No,” Jason replies.

“Excuse you? Pick up the f**king sledgehammer and smash it,” the father yells.

“But it’s not my fault,” Jason begs. “It’s my teacher’s fault.”

The rest of the video shows the boy standing beside the game console in tears as his father continues to instruct him to destroy it.

Response to the video on Reddit was mixed, with many saying having the child smash the console was going too far.

“I would not have had the kid smash it. I would have just taken them away until his grades got better,” Redditor Deltagreen78 said.

“Why would he destroy it... He could have easily just taken it away and hid it somewhere until his son gets better in school. No need to destroy an expensive item when it doesn't motivate his son to do better,” Cheeze64 added. “Letting him play when he does well in school is motivation. Destroying the console is not.”

Watch the video below. Do you think the father went too far by making his son destroy his game system?

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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