Watch What Happens When Steve Harvey Asks A 'Family Feud' Contestant To 'Name The First Part Of A Woman You Touch To Get Her In The Mood'


A recent episode of "Family Feud" had host Steve Harvey and contestants laughing hysterically when the family patriarch was forced to answer a racy question (video below).

In the video, posted to YouTube, the contestants stand in a line, waiting for their father, Larry, to answer a question on the popular game show.

"Larry, we talked to 100 men," Harvey began. "Name the first part of a woman you touch to get her in the mood."

"That's funny," Larry says, clearly embarrassed, while the whole family looks on, horrified. "That would be the lower front, or the — "he pauses, eyes wide. "Vagina."

The whole studio cracks up.

"Oh my gosh, Dad!" Larry's daughter, Beth, says.

"I didn't want to say it," Larry responds.

Harvey and Larry exchange a high-five.

"That ought to be number one," the comedian says of the answer, which Harvey refers to as "down there by Homeland Security."

However, when Harvey checks the survey to see if "the land of the free, home of the brave, down there in the lower front" is one of the top six places men touch to get a woman in the mood, the family is shocked to see the buzzer ring. Larry got the answer wrong.

"How the hell that ain't up there?" Harvey says. "You see the smile on these men's faces? I don't want to host this show no more."

Of course, the high-pressure show has a long history of embarrassing its contestants, although it usually does not ask such racy questions. When asked earlier this year to name something "a doctor might pull out of a person," a woman named Darci confidently answered, "a gerbil," Pix 11 reports.

In another video, uploaded in 2010, Harvey asks a woman named Secily to "name a part of your body bigger than it was when you were 16." She answers, "Your penis." 

Another time, Harvey asked a contestant named Will to "name something that follows the word 'pork,'" and the man answered, "cuipine." Harvey called it the best answer he had "ever heard."

Sources: Youtube, Pix 11 / Photo credit: Screenshot/Youtube


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