Dad Has Unusual Punishment For Son Who Got 'Lippy' With Him (Photo)


A father disciplined his son for mouthing off to him by making him cut the grass with a pair of scissors.

“My brother cutting the lawn with a pair of scissors after getting lippy with my dad,” the disciplined son’s brother posted on Reddit, alongside the photo.

In the photo, the young man can be seen sitting on the grass, leaning in closely and seemingly snipping blades of grass with scissors.

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The unusual punishment was applauded by viewers on Reddit.

“Tell your dad thanks - I'll be using this when my son is a teenager,” one Redditor wrote.

“My dad punished me this way once. I actually enjoyed cutting the lawn with scissors," another responded. "I spelled out 'ass' in the front lawn. Got punished worse but my dad went out and mowed the entire lawn so I'm claiming victory there."

“I fought the Lawn and the, Lawn won,” Redditor DeeDeeInDC quipped.

Would you discipline your child the way this father did?

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Credit:, Rob/Flickr


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