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Father Creates Kitchen Set For Son, Responds To Trolls Who Called The Toy 'Gay'

A father had a few choice words for those who called the kitchen he built for his son "gay."

Reddit user SixStringHook built a play kitchen with his wife for their son's second birthday. They took an old entertainment center and created a personalized play kitchen for the child, complete with a sink, store, and chalkboard for a grocery list. According to The Mirror, the toddler loves to watch his parents cook and enjoys being involved in the process.

SixStringHook posted a picture of his creation on Although many people complimented his handiwork, quite a few people commented on the gender norms of the toy. According to The Mirror, some negative comments included, "You are what is wrong with your country," "I hope your kid gets beat up at school," and "You should rename your daughter Caitlyn," referring to Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender celebrity.

SixStringHook explained his actions in a reply.

Well, going off of comments I have received both online, and in person regarding my wife and I's decision to make our SON a kitchen playset and several "daughter" comments and "but he is a boy", let me be perfectly blunt. F*** you. Any time we go to our local science center, or to the children's museum, he always wants to play in the kitchen playset area. He always wants to watch us cook and likes being involved, so we thought this would be a good idea. Furthermore, if my kid wanted a barbie doll i would get it for him. If that is what he wants, then that is what he wants. Its his decision what he wants to play with. Not mine.

As many Reddit users were reportedly confused by the father's statement, SixStringHook explained his anger. "People called our 2 year old son a faggot, claimed that we were going to turn him gay, things like that."

Some Reddit users were very supportive of the father's statement.

"As a guy who enjoyed playing with a tiny kitchen set growing up, I look back and realize that cooking is everyone's thing, not one gender," stated Redditor MisterLemons.

"Wow, this kid is blessed with awesome parents," said user theangerintheranger.

"I have seen him get excited and play with a broom," SixStringHook said. "Ya'll need to chill."

Sources: The Metro, The Mirror, Reddit / Photo credit: The Metro


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