Father Becomes Internet Star After Using Umbrella To Protect Son From Rain


A man captured in a photo holding an umbrella over his young son during a heavy rain shower has gone viral.

Reports say that the father, dressed in his work attire, was walking along a busy street in Vancouver, Canada, when the picture was taken. His son was only wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and a pair of yellow trainers.

The man can be seen holding his black umbrella over his son’s head, leaving him exposed to the elements.

The man’s act of kindness helped keep his son dry, but he ended up completely soaked. The rain appears to have been so bad that his blue striped shirt became see-through.

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According to Fox 35, the image was first posted to Reddit on Saturday and has since been viewed over 3 million times. Those who have commented on social media sites have dubbed the man “umbrella dad.”

Many users responded positively to the photo.

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad,” one wrote, according to Daily Mail.

A description of the image suggested that something more could be learned from the man’s act of kindness.

“My dad wasn't around for me as a child, so I've got no role model. Can I be a good dad to my kid?” it said.

Another agreed, writing, “But you see, dad is doing more than keeping him dry. He's teaching him how to put others before himself.”

One user had some advice for the man on how to avoid getting soaked.

“Give the umbrella to the kid. Hold the kid. Problem solved,” they wrote.

Others who viewed the picture saw a more humorous side to it.

“Moms would have brought two umbrellas,” one user remarked, while another added, “…and a mum would have made sure the kid was sent to school with a raincoat on in the first place haha.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 35/ photo credit: Daily Mail


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