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The Unbelievable Thing This Cop Did Before He Was Shot

An Aug. 2 post by the father of a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officer who was shot during the July 17 attacks has warmed hearts nationwide.

James Tullier, father of 41-year-old Nick Tullier, informed the public his son is still on life support, CNN reports.

Nick was one of the many police officers attacked that day, including African American police officer Montrell Jackson, who did not survive.

The father continued, sharing a story about an act of kindness Nick had just performed for an African American mother only one day before he was attacked.

“Nick came across a lady on the side of a road that had a flat tire. Instead of just passing her by and let her fend for herself, Nick pulled over to help,” James began. “He called his fiancee to let her know he would be delayed getting home and that he had to stop to give assistance: not out of character for him.”

Using the spare tire from the Sheriff's car, Nick placed the tired on the woman’s car and followed her home to make sure she reached [the house] safely.

James said he often wondered who that woman was and if she knew what transpired the very next day.

With these thoughts in mind, he attended services for Montrell Jackson, likely assuming they would never hear from the woman again.

He was in for a shock.

A man at the service pulled him aside, explaining he had something to show James.

“He asked me if I knew about Nick changing a lady's flat tire the night before the shooting to which I said yes,” James recalls.” But still I had no idea who she was. The gentleman then says here she is and introduces me to a lady standing beside him. He told me this is Montell's wife's [aunt]. Chills went through me. This was flat out unbelievable.”

The two exchanged hugs, while the woman explained Nick was a “life saver and a hero.”

“Our Nick didn't see color,” James ended the post. “What he saw was a lady in need and small children there too. His heart told him he had to stop and give assistance to a fellow human being. That's our Nick. And now you know the rest of the story.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Nick and his family.

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