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Father Writes Letter To Police Apologizing For Son

A father wrote a letter to a police department apologizing for the alleged behavior of his son after he was arrested.

Eric Watson Jr., 29, was accused of throwing a rock through a patrol car window, according to WTFX.

The attack was captured on surveillance camera. The rock shattered the vehicle’s windshield.

Jared Davis, the officer targeted by the younger Watson, got out of his vehicle and tried to arrest him. But Davis needed help from other officers to arrest the man. One officer got a broken sternum from the attempt to arrest Watson.

Officers used a stun gun to subdue the younger Watson.

Eric Watson Sr. flew from Jamaica to Coatesville, Pennsylvania, when he heard of the incident, and also wrote a note to officers.

“It is with regret and admiration that I write to your department this letter,” the elder Watson's letter states, according to WCAU. “The regret is that your officer Det. Joseph Thompson was injured in a confrontation with my son Eric Watson on the 18th July 2016 in the City of Coatesville. I would like to extend my sincere apology to the injured officer, his family and your department at this time. This apology I also extend to Officer Jared Davis who must have been traumatized by the experience of being attacked by Eric.”

The younger Watson's mother drove from North Carolina.

Watson’s family, who has a long history of working in military and law enforcement, hadn’t seen him in several years and only found out where he was when they saw his picture on the news following his arrest, reports WTFX.

In his letter, the elder Watson also praised Davis for not using lethal force in responding to his son’s alleged attack.

“In admiration, I want to commend the action taken by officer Jared Davis by displaying professionalism beyond the norm in a time when madness seems to be the order of the day and the lives of officers in blue are in danger. Even during the injuring of an officer the rights of Eric were not breached,” the father wrote.

When he appeared in court, the younger Watson urged the judge to lock him up, throw away the key and deport him back to Jamaica. The 29-year-old said he had been homeless for four years, WPVI reported.

The police thought the letter was a positive sign.

“It is our hope that all involved parties see this as an opportunity to move forward in a positive direction,” they wrote on their Facebook page, according to WTFX.

Bail for Watson has been set at $100,000.

Sources: WTFX, WCAU, WPVI / Photo credit: Mad World News

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