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Whataburger Employee Fired For Viral Fight (Video)

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A Texas fast food employee has allegedly been fired after footage surfaced of her engaging in a fight at the restaurant's parking lot (video below).

On July 29, a Dallas Whataburger worker was caught on film in the midst of a physical altercation. The clip was later posted on Twitter and became viral.

The footage shows the female employee -- who is wearing an orange shirt -- quarrelling with a much taller man in the parking lot. The man hits the woman first.

“Get him! Break his shirt!” says one of the female witnesses.

Two women -- who appear to be filming the event -- can be overheard in the background laughing and giggling hysterically.

“This is great!” says the bystander.

The situation quickly escalates and the female hits the man, rips off his shirt, and then drags him to the ground, where she continues to pound him.

At one point, someone yells out to call the cops, but the Tyler Police Department says they never received a complaint that night for the location, according to KYTX.

The man and woman eventually separate and start to quiet down, picking up their belongings. Nonetheless, when the worker tries to return to the restaurant, the man approaches her, kicking and hitting her once more, and starts the fight again.

The altercation was recorded by a woman sitting in her vehicle nearby, who posted it to social media, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Another angle shows bystanders watching the fight from a distance. Since then, Whataburger managers have verified that the employee in question was let go after the incident.

It is still uncertain how the fight started or what caused it.

Sources: KYTX, Houston Chronicle / Photo credit: KYTX

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