Farmer Saves Baby Alpaca Who Fell Down Hole (Video)


A farmer in Wisconsin saved a baby alpaca that had fallen into a badger hole, and the video (below) is adorable.

The now viral video shows farmer John Govin of Govin's Meats and Berries in Menomonie, Wisconsin, digging the tiny animal out of the ground with a shovel as the alpaca's mother paces nearby. The video, filmed by Govin's wife, was posted to Facebook May 13 and has since garnered almost 25,000 shares on the site.

"I found her just several inches underground," Govin, 52, told ABC News. "Her little head was just looking up and out of the hole. It looks like she fell into what appeared to be a badger hole."

"I've been around livestock all my life and I never have seen anything like it," Govin told Inside Edition.

Alpacas, a livestock animal similar to llamas, with origins in South America, are raised for their wooly coats, which are used to make rugs and clothing.

According to Govin, the one-week-old alpaca went missing and didn't come in with her mother to eat May 7. The next morning, on Mother's Day, Govin found the baby with her head sticking out of the ground. He initially attempted to pull her out with his hands, but ultimately had to dig her out with a shovel because she was too deep in the hole.

After digging around the hole while the small alpaca made bleating noises, Govin was able to pull the animal out by her neck and leg. The baby then stumbled over to her mother, who gave her a kiss. "She's doing just fine now," said Govin, who also raises sheep and sell berries at his farm.

Govin said that he's thinking about naming the alpaca Dusty, after the incident. "Alpacas love to take dust baths, and we think she was probably rolling in the dust when she slid into the hole by accident," he said.

"This was certainly the strangest thing I'd ever seen," Govin said.

Source: ABC News, Inside Edition, Breaking NewsExpress/Youtube / Photo credit: Jennifer Morton/Flickr

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