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Kyle Seen Without Tyga's Promise Ring (Photos)

Did Kylie Jenner and Tyga break up? One clue from her social media pages is leaving fans speculating whether she and her boyfriend of three years might be calling it quits.

The reality TV personality and lipstick designer shared a Snapchat on March 29 that she took at a dinner with her best friend, Jordyn Woods, where she sits on her friend's lap and smiles, according to Elite Daily. But there's something unusual about this photo. Take a look at Kylie's left hand:

The social media star's ring finger usually has a huge diamond on it -- a promise ring that Tyga gave her in September 2016 to prove his dedication to her and hint at a possible upcoming engagement. 

But at the dinner, the ring was nowhere in sight.

Kylie, who lives a highly public life and frequently shares details about herself all over her social media, usually posts a fair amount of photos and videos featuring Tyga, but the last time he has been seen on her channels was nearly a month ago on March 8, reports E! News. According to the Daily Mail, she has 8.8 million followers on Instagram.

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Meanwhile, the last time the couple has been seen out in public was mid March, when they grabbed a casual lunch together, leading many fans to speculate that their time apart is evidence that the pair is no longer an item.

One unnamed source told E! News that toward the end of March, Tyga moved into a new house in Hollywood, where he has "been partying and having people over every night," but according to that person, "there's been no sign of Kylie."

This is not the first time that the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star and the rapper have taken a break. In November 2015, the pair broke up on Tyga's 26th birthday, after a source said at the time that "things got messy."

"They are on a break," the insider explained. "Kylie wants time to just be by herself and do her. Tyga is not giving up as that's his one and only lady."

In May 2016, the on-again off-again couple took some time apart after drama between the two "took a toll," as one source said then. They got back together shortly after.

"They needed a reset," one insider said of the break. "Ky is happy. She feels like she needed the time apart but it's fate."

For now, we'll just have to wait and see if the couple is taking another break or if they have simply been busy with their individual lives.

Sources: Elite Daily, E! News,Daily Mail / Photo credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2), Snapchat via Elite Daily

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