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Fans Shoot Flares At Each Other During Soccer Game (Video)

Soccer fans repeatedly fired flares at each other during a match between Lechia Gdansk and Arka Gdynia in Poland on Oct. 30 (video below).

The teams tied 1-1 during the fireworks attacks, but it's not clear if Poland's soccer league (Ekstraklasa) will take any action, notes the Daily Mail.

In the video, the white-hot burning flares landed in the stands, but there was no word of any injuries.

The Mail reports there was also violence on the field. Gdansk midfielder Flavio Paixao was kicked out of the game for elbowing an opposing team member in the head.

Marco Paixao scored the solo goal for Gdansk, while Adrian Blad evened the score for Gdynia.

Gdansk now leads in the Ekstraklasa standings by two points, and Gdynia is in seventh place. There will be a rematch between to the two clubs in April.

While this fan behavior might seem shocking to Americans, flares have gone off several times during soccer matches overseas. Croatian soccer fans tossed flares on the pitch during their team's match against the Czech Republic in June, for example, Yahoo Sports reports.

During that incident, Croatian players pleaded with their fans to cease the fireworks, but the crowd kept it up. One stadium employee, who was trying to clear the field, was the victim of a flare explosion.

The flare shooting came to an end when stadium security went into the Croatian section. The supporters left the area, and possibly the stadium.

In March, all hell broke loose at the Greek Cup in Thessaloniki when PAOK and Olympiacos were playing, reported The Big Lead.

No penalty was called after an Olympiacos player took down a PAOK player. That caused the PAOK player and the team's fans to become outraged. The PAOK player was penalized for his protest, which only fueled the fans' anger.

The PAOK fans fought with police, and fired flares and toilet paper onto the field, causing the match to be suspended.

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo Sports, The Big Lead / Photo credit: Sporf/Twitter via YouTube

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