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Fans Accuse Influencer Of 'Photoshop Fail', Claim She Edited Her Butt In Recent Selfie


Tammy Hembrow found herself in the midst of a social media firestorm after she posted a selfie showing her shapely behind.

In the picture, Hembrow is wearing a G-string bikini, and the caption boasts about her “natural booty.”

However, fans were quick to note that the rug in the background was mysteriously bent upwards, just behind her buttocks.


“The carpet's bent. So much for the natural look,” one person commented, to which Hembrow responded, “Sis, go look at literally any photo with that carpet in it. It bends up at the corner.”

She added: “Trust me. Your girl does not need to Photoshop.”

In yet another comment, Hembrow wrote: “The rug lifts up at the corner [by the way] before you all attack me. Go find it in another photo.”

Indeed, the rug is bent upwards in one corner in other photos as well.


Hembrow received support from other fans, with one writing: “That rug is always bent up like that.”

Another commented: “We've seen videos [of your body], sis. You good!”

Last year, Hembrow admitted to editing a number of her pictures before posting them on social media.


She said: “The only thing I do is whiten my eyes a tiny bit, and then sometimes some smoothing if the skin is breaking out. I feel like a lot of people use it. I do not go crazy with Facetune. There's people who edit their whole body and change so much.”

However, she maintained that she only uses Facetune on her face, and that she never edits her figure. She has remained adamant that her figure is completely natural.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Instagram/Tammy Hembrow

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