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Rapper Under Fire For Throwing Money At Homeless People (Video)

An Atlanta rapper has come under fire for the "degrading" stunt he pulled, in which he threw $30,000 in cash into a group of homeless people at a shelter (video below).

Atlanta-based rapper Ralo has stirred up controversy after he pulled up to a homeless shelter and threw $30,000 into the air, reports the Daily Mail. He then watched the group of homeless people scurry for the money.

Halo posted a video of the incident to his Instagram account, in which his friends can be heard laughing while the homeless men and women fight for cash.

"F**k going to the strip club, all the n****s wit money let's go to all the homeless shelters and make it rain on the poor people," the rapper wrote in his Instagram post. He also used the hashtag #RALOHOMELESSCHALLENGE. 

While some of Ralo's followers acknowledged that he may have had good intentions, most feel the way that he went about giving the money away was "degrading."

"You could just hand them the money in a dignified way but of course that defies logic," one follower commented.

"The idea behind it is great. But very disrespectful to these people watching them scatter to pick up money off the ground because their life actually depends on it," another user wrote. "The difference is, it's not a strip club where it's all for fun. These are real people who can't even eat a hot meal every day, treat them with a little decency."

One Twitter follower told the rapper, "Degrading and lowering some of these people's value is sickening."

A commenter on MTO News went as far as to say: "This was actually pure evil to do."

Ralo defended his actions in the face of criticism, however.

"They need the money more than we do," he wrote. "How the f**k did you get mad at me for making it rain on them?"

He added, "I plan to do it again." He has also said: "I challenge anybody to come down here and match up what I'm going to throw."

Sources: Daily MailMTO News / Photo credit: ralofamgoon/Instagram via Daily Mail

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