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Users Photoshop Girl Running From Peacock (Photos)

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A viral picture of a little girl running away from a peacock has has sparked many hilarious Photoshop depictions.

Reddit user bwaxse took their child to the petting zoo where the girl had an unfortunate encounter with a colorful bird, according to Mashable.

Bwaxse was able to capture the astonishing moment when the peacock chased after their daughter, causing her to run and scream.

The parent shared the photo on the social networking site and it quickly went viral with 5,519 points and 1792 comments.

Users had a field day Photoshopping the poor girl’s image amid various backdrops that included an Olympic race, "Game of Thrones," "Captain America," and others.

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The top comment on the thread is, “So, I’m not the only one who has been chased by a peacock.”

Another user tells the tale of their own peacock horror story:

When I was about 6 we were at a zoo where they let the peacocks wander around. I was fascinated by their gorgeous colors. I don't know what possessed me, but I snuck up behind one and yanked one of its glorious tail feathers out. It jumped and whirled around, and lunged at me. I ran away, feeling like a daring hero and carried the feather around with me for the remainder of the visit and took it home with me. It stood in a corner of my room for several [years] until I lost it in a move.

The consensus among users seems to be that peacocks are malicious and aggressive.

I grew up in central Florida and there were a lot of peacocks that just roamed around. Idk if they live there naturally or if people had them as pets and they procreated or what, but those f*** are mean. They'll chase you down, attack anything, just act crazy as sh** overall. And the males (or females? Idk) aren't pretty. They are just big mean not-colorful birds. I've been chased down a handful of times by peacocks and it isn't funny. They are bigger and tougher than you realize. The plot of land my girlfriend grew up on had a few peacocks around for a while and they totally jacked her car up. They pecked and scratched and wrecked the paint on her car. I don't know why but her little red car was [the] god**** enemy. Fortunately those f*** decided to move on to some other poor schmucks land to seek and destroy like they do. F*** crazy a** birds.

Sources: Mashable, Reddit / Photo credit: bwaxse, beethy, reneefk, wetcoastlife, eddieisking, chase447/Reddit

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