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Family Finds Cat It Believed Ran Away Alive In Moving Box 64 Days Later (Video)

A family got a huge surprise more than two months after moving from Texas to Alaska when it discovered their beloved cat, which they believed ran away while they packed up for their move, still alive inside a moving box (video below).

Kymberly and Jesse Chelf were packing for a huge move from El Paso, Texas, to Fairbanks, Alaska, when they realized their beloved cat Moosie appeared to have run away. They tried hard to find the pet, but by the time they had to move, they came up empty.

Movers arrived in Alaska with boxes full of  their belongings 64 days later. As the movers brought their boxes inside, a strange noise came from one of the packages. They suddenly realized it was meowing, and to their surprise, they opened the box to find Moosie alive inside.

“It just sounded like he was giving it everything he had just to let us know he was there,” Kymberly told CNN. “I was in shock probably at least the first 24 hours after we found him. And all I could think was oh my gosh, what are we going to find.”

Despite traveling 3,967 miles in complete darkness without food or water, a veterinarian says Moosie is expected to make a full recovery.

Sources: LiftBump, CNN

Photo Source: LiftBump


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