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'Texas, Steve. Texas': Family Feud Contestant Gives Most Confusing Answer Ever (Video)

After five years as host of “Family Feud,” Steve Harvey has heard his fair share of nonsensical yet funny responses from contestants. But one man took it to a whole new level.

On an episode of the television game show (video below), Harvey posed the following question: “Name something women wear that you think was designed by a man because it’s uncomfortable but sexy.”

A contestant named Rylan thought about it for a few seconds before offering his answer: “Texas, Steve. Texas.”

Even more confusing than the response he gave was his team egging him on with a round of applause and shouting, “Good answer, good answer.”

The only thing Harvey could say was, “Boy, you crazy.”

Check it out below:

This is not the first time a contestant has given a puzzling answer to a Family Feud question. In February, when Harvey asked, “Name something a doctor might pull out of a person,” a woman quickly buzzed in and blurted out the most bizarre response that had the audience and other contestants bursting into laughter: “a gerbil!”

Sources: IJ Review, Huffington Post / Photo Credit: FamilyFeud/YouTube

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