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Family Dining With Disabled Son At Red Robin Touched By Couple's Kind Gesture


A Colorado family said it is touched by a couple's random act of kindness while dining with its disabled son at a Red Robin restaurant in Arvada, 9 News reports.

On Oct. 5, Caryn Thomas decided to stop at a Red Robin for dinner with her husband, Paul, and her son, Phillip, before picking up the family's groceries after a full day of errands.

Phillip, 21, has cerebral palsy and uses a feeding tube. His condition causes him to have seizures and a low-grade fever.

The restaurant was mostly empty when the family arrived with only a few other diners there, according to a post on Caryn's Facebook page. When the family's server, Nick, brought the check at the end of the meal, he had a big smile on his face.

He said that a couple that had just left the restaurant had already paid for the family's meal. The couple had reportedly called Nick over to their table when they first saw the family arrive and offered to pay for the meal, but did not want him to reveal their act of kindness to the family until after they had left.

The kind couple left a note for the family on the receipt that read, "It's so lovely to see families united in Love. God Bless."

The note was signed "Brenda and George."

Caryn, who spoke to 9 News through Facebook, said she was extremely touched by the kind gesture.

"Those who know me know tears were falling. My husband's eyes welled up," Caryn wrote.

"We just wanted to let Brenda and George know that their act touched our hearts," she added. "Bless you."

Caryn took a picture of the couple's note and posted it on her Facebook page later the same day. Commenters responding to the Oct. 5 post, which has received 49 likes, called the story "beautiful" and wished the family well. 

This is not the first time a family has experienced a heartwarming act of kindness by strangers while dining at a restaurant. On Nov. 9, an anonymous diner paid the bill for an Oklahoma family who prayed before their meal at a Jimmy's Egg restaurant in Yukon, KFOR reported at the time. 

Sources:, Caryn Thomas/Facebook, KFOR / Photo credit: Caryn Thomas/Facebook

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