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Barron Trump Hospital Article Declared Fake News (Photos)

Barron Trump Hospital Article Declared Fake News (Photos) Promo Image

A post on the website American Today has been declared to be fake news, according to a leading fact-checking website.

"Horrible news are coming from the President’s house while President (Donald) Trump on Friday began a 17-day stint at his prized golf club in Bedminster, NJ. Barron Trump has been rushed to hospital with severe pneumonia while on holiday in Bedminster, NJ," the Aug. 6 post said.

Although Barron is indeed accompanying his father on his "working vacation" at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, there is no proof that he has pneumonia or any other illness, reports PolitiFact, the popular fact-checking organization run by the Tampa Bay Times, which "rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others who speak up in American politics."

The image attached to the article allegedly shows Barron's hand. However, PolitiFact researched the image and discovered that it's actually an 841-day old photo on an Instagram search engine called Mulpix, and is not his hand.

The article also claimed that Barron "tweeted his friends, saying that he was currently 'in a wheelchair, connected up to tubes, in a hospital.'" But after searching the various unofficial Barron Twitter pages, PolitiFact found no such tweet.

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In addition, the article said Fox News reported that Barron was receiving treatment at an unnamed hospital, but it turns out there was no such report.

Ultimately, PolitiFact determined that the bogus article is based on some facts involving a British television personality named Jeremy Clarkson, host of the show "Grand Tour."

Clarkson was admitted to a Spanish hospital for pneumonia on the same same day that the fake story about Barron was posted.

Clarkson posted a photo on Instagram of his arm, which he captioned, "Not the sort of bangles I usually choose on holiday" -- a quote attributed to Barron in the fake post.

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It was also Clarkson, not Barron, who tweeted that he was "in a wheelchair, connected up to tubes, in a hospital."

Taking its findings into consideration, PolitiFact gave the American Today post about Barron a rating of "Pants On Fire" on its "Truth-O-Meter."

As explained on the organization's website, "Pants On Fire" is the lowest rating possible, reserved for "the most ridiculous falsehoods." The other ratings are: False, Mostly False, Half True, Mostly True, and True.

A real photo of Barron, taken during Inauguration Day by Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford, won an award in February sponsored by the White House News Photographers Association.

The picture, titled "BARRON," shows him staring out the window of the first family's limousine as it drove down Pennsylvania Avenue, as reported by the website Reading The Pictures.

Sources: PolitiFact (2), Reading The Pictures / Featured Image: Master Sgt. Michel Sauret via Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: PolitiFact, Jabin Botsford via Reading The Pictures

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