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Facebook Users Help Save An Abused Dog's Life

Social media just saved a dog's life.

In the early morning of Oct. 3, a resident found a severely abused dog near death in a Hong Kong neighborhood, the Dodo reports. Blood poured out of the dog's body. She had a swollen tongue but still managed to whimper.

It is unknown who beat the dog or why, but animal lovers were quick to respond.

A local uploaded pictures of the abused dog to Facebook, and a group of compassionate volunteers immediately came to the scene and brought the dog, who they named Barry, to a nearby animal hospital.

"I wanted to cry when I first saw Barry in the clinic at 2am that day," volunteer Amanda Ho Min-ching said, according to the South China Morning Press. "The vet said his pelvis was fractured and he had internal bleeding. I don't understand why someone wants to do this. Why hit him?"

Barry was clearly in pain, Ho said, but she is optimistic that the suffering dog will pull through.

"He is very well-behaved and I can tell he is fighting for his life," she said.

Some of the volunteers started a Facebook group in support of Barry while the dog was hospitalized, the Dodo reports. The group shared her story and raised funds to help cover her medical care.

Not long after the dog lovers created Barry's Facebook group, the page had more than 3,000 members, most of whom live in Hong Kong. They raised more than $20,000 for the black and tan dog.

Hundreds of members have shared prayers and supportive messages on the group page.

"Barry has just finished the [first] operation and it was a very successful one!" one of Barry's rescuers posted on the Facebook page the morning of Oct. 6, the Dodo reports. "good girl Barry!!! You are awesome … Thanks Elaine, Amanda and Emily for being at the hospital with Barry since 630 am this morning!!"

Barry is recovering from her first surgery, but Ho told the Dodo that "in the next few days she will undergo another round of operations."

The brave dog will soon be able to leave the animal hospital, where a loving owner will hopefully be waiting to bring her home.

Sources: The DodoSouth China Morning Press
Photo Credit: Facebook via The Dodo


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