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Facebook User Sparks Controversy With Anti-Father's Day Post

A strange Facebook post requesting certain people stop posting about Father’s Day went viral and left many scratching their heads as to the logic behind it. The post was addressed to the poster's white, cisgender — those who are not transgender — and straight friends.

“Can everyone please limit the Father’s Day posts today?” the status read. “For one, we are still reeling from the horrible violence earlier this week and we should attempt to center discussions of what happened in Charleston over anything else lest it again disappears with the 15 minute media cycle.”

The post went on to say that not everyone wanted to be reminded of their biological fathers on the holiday through photos of people “flaunting” their relationships with their dads. “Maybe we can be considerate,” the poster requested.

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“Maybe, instead of posting about him on FB, calling your dad and spending a few moments on the phone with him, while silently reflecting on your Black and POC friends, as well as LGBTQ folks, who have lost the opportunity to do that at the hands of a violent, homophobic and racist system in the past year and beyond.”

The post, which was originally posted to a general audience but was later edited to be directed towards the poster’s “white/cis/straight friends,” garnered criticism from commenters.

“A lot of dads are on Facebook,” one commenter wrote. “I’m not sure if this is a fair request. It’s like asking people not to post wedding or baby photos. Don’t shame other people for their Father’s Day posts.”

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

Photo Source: Imgur


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