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Facebook Pulls Video Of Black Woman Painting Self White (Video)

Tashala Dangel Geyer, a black woman, painted herself white on Sept. 21 as cry for protection from police brutality, and live streamed her performance art on Facebook (video below).

Geyer stated: "This the best s--- I ever could’ve thought of. This is saving my life! This is saving my life! Yes, God, it is honey. You know what the Lord woke me up and sent me this sign, so I went on ahead to Home Depot and got this paint because white lives matter."

Facebook removed the live stream, but not before others recorded it and reposted the video on a variety of social media sites, although some of copies have been pulled down, Mediaite reports.

Geyer tells her audience later in the video: "Baby, I don't want nothing brown on me. Nothing motherf------ brown on motherf------ me because police ain’t gonna kill me."

Geyer says several times that she is painting over the N-word parts on her body.

"[I] ain’t trying to be funny," Geyer reportedly says in another part of the video, VIBE notes. "I’m not racist. I’m not racist at all, but in order to survive in the world, it seems to me like you’ve got to be white. You ain’t gotta mother------ say, 'Hands up don’t shoot,' if you look like this. But if you don’t look like this, b----- then 'pow' you’re dead. They’re gonna kill your a--, so you better go on 'head and go white, and you’ll be alright.'"

Geyer also added another video in which she paints herself a darker color of black, and a video of her painting parts of her body white again, but with a showbiz outfit twist.

Some of her friends have commented that they recognize her booty.


Sources: Mediaite, VIBETashala Dangel Geyer/Facebook / Photo Credit: Tashala Dangel Geyer via YouTube

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