Facebook Post About Teacher Telling Student To Stop Writing In Cursive Goes Viral (Photo)


Some social media users are appalled after seeing what a teacher wrote on a 7-year-old student’s worksheet.

A Facebook post by Brenda Hatcher is quickly going viral and has some folks questioning today’s school system, She Knows reported.

The post features a photo of what a teacher wrote on a student’s worksheet. In bright red ink, the teacher wrote “Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings.”

Hatcher captioned the photo:

“Share this everywhere... Alyssa is 7!!! Not only is her mother a military veteran but, she took the time to teach her very young child how to write in cursive... This is her teacher's response... What is wrong with today's school system/society??? #cursive”

The picture has been shared more than 420,000 times since it was posted on Sept. 16. Hatcher thanked everyone who shared the post and commented.

“Thank you for all the shares everyone! It's definitely raising some awareness…,” she wrote. “I'd also like to know what the teacher's punishment was going to be... I mean, really???

“What are you gonna (sic) do Mrs. Teacher? Suspend her from school for being 7 and able to write in cursive? Does she not get to go out for recess??? What a joke.”

However, not everyone was on Hatcher’s side.

One user defended the teacher’s actions, saying students need to learn how to follow directions.

The user wrote:

“The issue with this is 1. Kids need to learn to follow directions. I understand all kids don't learn the same but when you are told to print your name you print your name. When you are told to sign your name. Then you sign it. This is common sense. If someone scribbled some cursive on a job application where it says to print name I would throw it out. They obviously can't follow simple direction.

"2. The teacher is asking nicely to please print. This isn't the first time obviously. So once again the kid isn't punished. They are just being asked to do what they are told. 3. Why does it matter one bit of (sic) her mom is in the military?! I'm in the military and we are taught to print at all times and use all uppercase in our writing. Is this kid supposed to be able to do what she wants cause (sic) her mom is military.

"If this was sent home on my kids paper is (sic) ask them why the hell they don't want to listen to the teacher. Stop bashing a teacher who is teaching kids to follow directions. Start holding people and kids accountable for their actions rather then (sic) try and victimize every kid that doesn't get their way.”

Another user commented that she emailed the teacher and school principal and attached the photo. She said she is still waiting for a response.

Sources: She Knows, Facebook / Photo Credit: Brenda Hatcher/Facebook


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