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Is This Facebook 'Demon' Picture Real?

A Facebook picture of a purported "demon" recently went viral, drawing shock and skepticism.

USA Today notes that Richard Christianson uploaded the picture on his Facebook page on Jan. 1 with this caption: "What the hell do you see in this picture for reals ??? Anybody."

The picture went viral with over 80,000 shares and stimulated debate among commenters:

"Take pic in daytime in same spot."

"It's a palm tree, if you look closely to the left in the first picture there's another one."

USA Today closed with this line: "Whether someone actually opened the gates of Hell or if it’s photoshop we may never know," which offended the always-skeptical Friendly Atheist:

"We may never know?" What sort of bulls*** reporting is that?! We can absolutely know — it’s just a matter of someone figuring out where Christianson took this picture and going there. It’s irresponsible for a newspaper to suggest that there’s a real possibility that someone "opened the gates of Hell."

The Friendly Atheist also notes that Christianson took down his Facebook account:

Christianson appears to have taken down his page since the post went viral, but the debate continues to rage. Which is ridiculous since there’s a really easy way to figure out what we’re looking at.

Just take a picture in the same location during the day.

Maybe we’ll see another palm tree and realize it was just odd lighting. Whatever it is, there’s no reason there should be this much speculation. If anyone actually wanted to know the answer, there’s a way to find it.

But the people saying it’s an angel or demon don’t actually care about the real answer. Just as it is with God, they get more satisfaction out of their willful ignorance than they would in asking better questions and figuring out what’s really going on.

Another creepy aberration showed up on a YouTube video recently, and was purportedly a ghost caught on a surveillance camera, notes

YouTube user Huelo el Miedo, which translates to "I smell fear," posted the video of the ghostly figure following a family that was out for a walk.

The creepy video has racked up over 500,000 views since Dec. 30, 2016.

Some skeptics are suggesting the video was filmed behind glass, and that's what created the ghostly illusion, which is supposedly the reflection of one of the people's clothing.

Sources: USA Today, Friendly Atheist, / Photo credit: Richard Christianson/Facebook via WCMH

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