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Experts Warn Of New Facebook 'Dislike Button' Scam

Experts are warning Facebook users of a new scam circulating the social network that involves the recently announced "dislike" button.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke news on Sept. 15 that the company is working on adding a dislike button to the social media website, which will soon be unveiled. 

HackRead reports that scammers have begun to use the highly anticipated feature as bait to target users.

The scammers are sending out links with headlines such as, "Get newly introduced Facebook dislike button on your profile."

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When users follow the link, they are directed to a malicious website that asks them to allow Facebook access to their account information, which the scammers can then exploit. Users are given instructions to complete several steps to activate the new feature.

One step users are instructed to complete is to share the link with their friends, which means that the scam can spread across the internet quickly.

HackRead notes that Facebook would never actually require users to share a link with friends to activate a new feature. Facebook representatives warn that if you see such a link, you should avoid it because it is likely a scam. 

Sources: TheBlaze, HackRead / Photo credit: HackRead


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