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Expectant Mother Gets A Big Surprise During Zoo Visit (Video)

Maisie Knight is 37 weeks pregnant, but that didn’t stop her from visiting the Colchester Zoo in Essex, England, with her partner Jamie Clarke on July 13, Huffington Post reported. The pair stopped by the orangutan enclosure, where Rajang, a 47-year-old male ape, ‘kissed’ the expectant mother’s baby through the glass (video below).

The Colchester Zoo said on their Facebook page that “Rajang has always been a curious orangutan! He loves belly buttons, scars and of course baby bumps! His inquisitive way means he loves to interact with visitors particularly those who might be expecting!”

Clarke didn’t get any love when he decided to put his own belly against the glass, Metro reported. “I put my belly to the glass and got a dirty look and when I placed my hand on he tried to push my hand away,” Clarke wrote on the YouTube video.

Sources: Huffington Post, Metro, Clochester Zoo, Facebook Screenshot via YouTube


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