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Ex-NASA Engineer Creates Giant Nerf Gun (Video)

Mark Rober, an ex-NASA engineer, recently teamed up with two other engineers to create a giant Nerf gun (video below).

According to, the Nerf gun fires its ammo -- toilet plungers and pool noodles -- at 40 mph.

Unlike its smaller, kid-friendly version, the giant Nerf gun uses a pressurized, 3,000 psi paintball tank. When the Nerf gun's trigger is pushed forward, the air goes from the tank into a firing chamber at 80 psi per shot. When the gun is to be fired, the shooter pulls back on the trigger, which allows the air into the main cylinder.

The giant Nerf gun holds six oversized "darts."

In a video demonstration, Rober and his fellow engineers Ryan and David (from Eclectically Engineering) compared the giant Nerf gun to regular size Nerf guns.

In one test on a football field, Rober fired a 3-D printed projectile 130 yards.

Rober recalled how his nieces and nephews were "picking" on him with their normal-size Nerf guns, so he challenged them to a Nerf gun dart war, but "neglected" to tell them about his giant gun.

Ryan and David made a video on their YouTube channel showing people how to build their own giant Nerf gun, and added some modifications that allow the big toy to destroy watermelons.

According to Rober's profile page on YouTube, he studied mechanical engineering, which included an undergraduate degree at BYU and a Masters at USC.

According to Rober, he "worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover."

While working for NASA, he started his Digital Dudz company during nights and weekends. Rober said that he sold the company to people who manufacture Morphsuits in the U.K.

After making the sale, Rober quit his long-time NASA job, but did work for the space agency by "coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years."

Rober added that he was recently offered some work by a tech company in the San Francisco area.

Sources:, Mark Rober/YouTube (2) / Photo credit: Mark Rober/YouTube

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