Ex-HLN Employee Celebrates Exit of Nancy Grace


Nancy Grace announced on June 30 that she is leaving her legal TV show on HLN when her contract ends in October.

It is unclear why Grace is leaving HLN, but she did note that she'd like to do more TV and merge it with a digital platform, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

I will always be wedded to a traditional platform — which is TV, God help me. My plan is to merge those two in an effective way, in my voice, the 'anti-crime' voice. Our show has never really been about me. It has been about the stories that we tell and the people we talk about and the mysteries we try to solve and the children we try to bring home. There’s an entire section of our population that I want to reach.

Former HLN employee Mary Cella celebrated Grace's exit and skewered the TV host in a series of tweets, Uproxx reports:

I'm celebrating Nancy Grace's departure from HLN by stomping on her headshot while wearing the shoes she threw at me one time.

But first I'll hide in my cubicle, shaking in fear and sobbing uncontrollably for old time's sake!

Maybe I'll cap off the evening by finally going to the orgy she once asked me, in front of the whole staff, if I'd be attending after work.

I think I'll also finally bring her the box of tissues she screamed at me about once, light them on fire and leave them on her doorstep.

Honestly, if I saw Nancy, I'd wish her well, except I wouldn't recognize her because she looks like a blank sheet of paper without makeup.

Tweeting about a former employer like this may not be classy, but I've seen Nancy eat her weight in waffles after 6pm, so it feels fair.

My mother died a month before I started working for Nancy and still the worst day of my life was just a random Thursday working for her.

Sources: Uproxx, The Hollywood Reporter / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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