Woman Shocked By Strange Animal Shelter (Video)


A French YouTube personality highlighted the conditions that animals are kept in at shelters in a thought-provoking video (below).

In the video, a woman can be seen arriving at an animal shelter and being greeted by a man at the front desk. She proceeds to sit in the waiting area and is shocked when a giant dog comes out from a back room. 

A giant cat soon appears from a room and walks around the waiting area, while the man at the desk remains completely unfazed. When the woman walks outside, she sees a giant dog wheeling a dolly around, while a man lies naked in a cage. As she continues down the pathway, she sees more caged humans and appears shocked and confused.

The woman then opens a door to find a group of giant animals dressed as doctors, operating on a human who is lying on an operating table. Stunned, the woman takes her dog and leaves the facility, only to be met by another giant animal and a human pet on her way out.

The video, though staged as a prank, was created by YouTube personality Remi Gaillard to highlight the treatment of animals in both shelters and in a general sense. The video ends with the phrase "I am someone, not ‘something,’" written in bold letters. 

The video went viral, garnering over 3.5 million views as of April 20.

This isn't the first time animal shelters, and their employees, have come under scrutiny. A Fayetteville, West Virginia, animal shelter director was arrested in March on charges of animal cruelty, obtaining money under false pretenses, and falsifying accounts, according to West Virginia Metro News.

Carrie Lynn Carr was reportedly the subject of a year-long investigation that led to her arrest. 

"As the director of the Fayette County Animal Control Center, it was Carrie Carr’s duty and responsibility to insure that the animals entrusted to her care were treated and cared for in a humane manner," Sheriff Steve Kessler told West Virginia Metro News. 

According to the investigation into the general operation of this Animal Control Center, there was very little that was "humane" about the shelter.

Kessler detailed some of the disturbing conditions of the shelter:

Animals have been routinely kept in pet taxis and small cages for extended periods of time. Kennels originally designed to house a single dog were divided and used to house multiple dogs. Large animals were kept in spaces so small they did not have room to walk, turn around or even lie down to rest. 

Food was scattered on the floors of cages among dog feces and animals were forced to drink from a common bucket of water that kennel attendants brought each day—there were no individual water bowls in many of these cages. Sick or injured animals were reportedly placed in cages in a back room of the shelter, out of the view of the general public, and left there to die.

Watch Gaillard's thought-provoking prank below.

Sources: Remi Gaillard/YouTube, West Virginia Metro News / Photo credit: Remi Gaillard/YouTube 

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